Tattoo laser treatment

The doctors of Physicians Laser and Dermatology Institute expertly employ pigment-specific lasers to remove all types of tattoos. Patients who have come to regret their choice to ornament their bodies with tattoos can remove the inks, and change their appearance and their self-image for the better.

The number of laser treatments and types of lasers required will vary according to the number of colors (pigments) in the tattoo, the types and amount of ink used, and the depth of the pigment in the skin. While all tattoo-removal lasers are effective on black and dark blue ink, no one laser machine type successfully removes all colors, so two or more laser systems are sometimes needed to remove multi-colored tattoos. PLDI has multiple Q-switched and picosecond tattoo lasers to treat all colors of tattoos for patients of all skin types.

PLDI physicians categorize tattoos into four groups:

  • Professional tattoos with large amounts of ink, complexity of design, and multiple colors; these usually require multiple laser treatment sessions.

  • Amateur tattoos and medical tattoos from radiation markings, typically less complex and easier to remove.

  • Cosmetic tattoos which are designed to mimic lip, eye, or brow liner. These often contain reddish-brown pigments which turn dark upon laser impact; testing of a small area is required to determine the course of laser treatment.

  • Traumatic tattoos which result from accidents in which foreign debris is forced into the skin; the size and distribution of particles will determine how many laser treatments are required.

An initial consultation will help estimate the number of treatments, but the exact number of sessions cannot be predicted, as individual variations will become evident during the course of treatment. 

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