Wrinkle treatments

The doctors of Physicians Laser & Dermatology Institute offer expertise in the use of a range of advanced laser systems to reduce wrinkles and achieve a younger look. Our physicians will consult with patients to discuss the individual’s skin and desired results in order to determine the best course of wrinkle treatment.

Ablative lasers remove the epidermis and sometimes part of the dermis, making them quite effective for the treatment of rough facial skin and certain types and amounts of wrinkles. The extensive skin resurfacing corresponds to a longer recovery period than nonablative laser treatments.

Nonablative lasers work below the epidermis, on the cells of the dermis. By stimulating dermal cells, nonablative treatments increase the production of the collagen which the dermis uses to repair itself. The result is skin with a smoother, younger look. Nonablative lasers significantly minimize recovery time when compared to ablative lasers. At PLDI, we have developed a unique, effective and low-risk nonablative laser to treat aging changes.

Fractional lasers come in two types, non-ablative and ablative. These types of lasers are unique in fractionating, or splitting, the laser light into microscopic “columns” of heat which leave surrounding tissue untouched. Because fractional lasers only impact a limited percent of the dermis area, skin heals faster. Patients are individually evaluated to determine which approach is best and safest for them.

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